Why Having More Payment Methods is a Solid Strategy for New Casinos

A Crowded Online Casinos Marketplace

As more and more people are making the transition towards gambling on their mobile as opposed to going down to the casino or desktop, we’re starting to see more and more mobile casinos coming out of nowhere. They’ve seen the lucrative opportunity that sits ahead of them should they be able to establish themselves within what is a very crowded marketplace. The attraction to being a mobile-ran casino as opposed to a land-based casino is that they can still generate the same revenue but they don’t have the overheads their land-based partner does such as rent and utilities.

However, establishing themselves is much easier said than done. Some of the larger online casinos have been established for years and have secured themselves fairly sizable portions of the market. And so how do these new smaller online mobile casinos differentiate themselves in order to try and entice customers in?

Offer More Payment Methods

Well, one such way of separating themselves from the larger online casinos is to offer more payment methods by which the player can deposit and withdraw. With a majority of the larger mobile casino providers they will provide the main payment methods however will not offer some of the more less-known payment methods. These more obscure payment methods include Skrill, PayPal, Moneybookers and Bitcoin.

A number of newer online mobile casinos are also adopting a payment method known as ‘pay by phone’ . This is one of the newer payment methods on the block and it requires you to either be on pay as you go or on a contract with your network provider. If you’re on contract for example, if you make a deposit of £10, this will be charged to your mobile phone bill and you’ll pay it on your next billing cycle. On the other hand, if you’re on pay as you go, you will need to have a prepaid balance and the payment will be taken from that. The huge plus that this payment method in particular has to players is that they can make a deposit without having the funds readily available. This convenience is hugely attractive and it is not offered by the larger online mobile casinos.

How Else Can They Establish Themselves?

Offering an abundance of payment methods is not the only way in which these new casino sites can stay competitive. They need to always keep thinking about how they can stay competitive. So other ways they try to lure players away from the prying hands of the larger casinos is by offers.

There are a range of offers they can offer to customers. The first is joining offers. This is one of the main ways in which these newer online casinos gain the custom of new players. There are two main different types of new customer offers.

Of course with both of these bonuses there will be wagering requirements so that the newer online mobile casinos aren’t taken advantage of and are left worse off financially from these offerings.

However, once they have enticed a player in, the next challenge that awaits these newer online casinos is how to retain the customer of the players. And this is where the biggest challenge lies. Once a player has taken advantage of the joining offers the chances are they will quickly get bored and this is where they may consider going to another casino. This is where the casino has to start rewarding the customer for their loyalty.

The final way in which they can try to keep the customer of the millions of gamblers out their looking for a good online mobile casino is through their range of offerings when it comes to top slot games or other casino games. Having a diverse range of games means that you will appeal to a wider range of customers.

In Summary

Hopefully now you’ve learnt just how much of a challenge it is for these newer online mobile casinos firstly to establish themselves and then after to keep the players interested. And these are just some of the ways these newer online mobile casinos stay competitive.

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