The mesmerising Dream Catcher game

A brand-new live money wheel awaits you on Irish Spins - The Dream Catcher! A visually stunning casino game created by the top software provider– Evolution Gaming. With the use of innovative technologies, this bespoke wheel used by the live dealer features state-of-the-art and multi-camera technology for immersive gameplay. Whether you are a seasoned or novice casino player, this majestic title is worth your attention!

How to play the Dream Catcher game?

What exactly is Dream Catcher you might ask? Well, it’s a game based on chance and played by using a mounted and super-sized spinning wheel. The latter usually goes by several names including the Big Wheel, Big Six or Money Wheel.

The Live Dream Catcher is a unique live casino game that you wouldn’t want to miss. It features 2x and 7x payout multipliers for some huge payout potential. It is a wholly immersive game that can take your casino experience to new heights. When the wheel spins, you can win countless times if it comes to rest on a multiplier segment.

The fascinating wheels of the Dream Catcher are divided into several equal segments. 54 in total! They are all numbered with a unique colour. There are two other segments, silver and gold for the 2x Multiplier and 7x Multiplier respectively.

The wheel will spin and your winning segment will be determined by a pointer mounted on top of the wheel.

The Dream Catcher strategy

Now’s the time to discover the basic Dream Catcher casino game strategy. First, you will have to bet on the number that you think the wheel will stop on. It can be among these following numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. If you are wondering what the payout odds are, it's easy! It corresponds to your winning bet. For instance, a winning bet of 10 pays 10 to 1 and so on. The two multipliers of the game act as bonus spins and they will multiply your next win. So get ready for your multiplier gaming experience on Dream Catcher!

Hang on! After you’ve delved into the Dream Catcher casino game strategy, we have some good news for you! This live dealer game is optimised on all your favourite devices. Yes, the excitement and thrill will be relayed on your favourite iOS and Android gadgets. Enjoy the game on the screen of your desktop or play on the go with your mobile or tablet.

Welcome aboard!

Create an account to enjoy Dream Catcher anywhere anytime for chances to win big. Its bonus spin multiplier can result in some seriously huge wins.

Good luck!

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