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In this Slingo review, we look at a unique version of the game. Big Money Slingo is the perfect example of how entertainment can be combined with seriously big real money pay outs. With a castle and watchtower in the background, this medieval themed game is one of the top Slingo games in the UK today.

What makes this game interesting is that you have 6 betting options that are presented to you in the form of 6 beautiful locations:

  • Jokers Hamlet
  • Golden Fields
  • Royal Forest
  • Smugglers Cove
  • Diamond Peak
  • Lucky Gulch

  • This is one of the games that suits all budgets, since the bets are so affordable. And the best part is that the maximum bet of £10 can give you a chance to win a phenomenal £100,000!

    How to play Big Money Slingo

    Layout of the Game:

    • Rather than a linear prize layout on the side of the screen, this Slingo game’s prizes are pointed out in blurbs around the screen. It can be a little confusing at first, but once you get used to it, you will know exactly how much you will win when you get a Slingo.
    • In other Slingo games, the wilds appear on the reel and you get to choose where to place them on the 5x5 grid. However, here, the wilds appear randomly on the bingo grid before the game beings.
      • Choosing Your Bet:

        Once you complete your Slingo login, you need to choose your bet. For this you are shown all the 6 locations, which represent the value of each bet. There are 6 bet amounts corresponding to these 6 locations, the lowest being 50p and the highest bet being £10.

        Playing the Game:

        • Click on the SPIN button on your game screen.
        • You get 6 spins per game and you also have a chance of winning 3 free spins
        • The object of the game is to win by straight completing rows, diagonals or columns. And, if you are lucky enough to win the full house, you can win a staggering £100k if you used the maximum wager.

        Features And Benefits

          There are two special symbols in Big Money Slingo – the Jester and the Free Spin.

        • The Jester:The Jester is the wild and is placed randomly on the grid before the game commences. The bingo grid in the game is initially covered in stars, but as the game progresses the numbers are revealed. The Jesters are the first to be revealed and after that, gameplay is quite straightforward.

        • Free Spin Symbol:When you spin the reel and a free spin symbol appears, a free spin is added to your count, but it can only be used after you have exhausted the 6 spins you start the game with.

        Bonus Symbols

        The only bonus feature you get when you play Slingo here is the Free Spin Feature, which you can win in game. You can also win only 3 extra spins, which means that you will have a total of 9 spins (if you win all three spins during the game) to win that huge jackpot of £100,000.

        Big Money Slingo has an RTP of 87.27%, which means that getting that mega jackpot will be a challenge. However, the rest of the game offers steady wins that keep players enjoying and coming back for more.

        • Free Spins Symbol
        • Wild
        • Joker

        Tips & strategy

        • #1
          Here's where the big money comes into play. Get up to 4 joker matches right when you start!
        • #2
          Try your luck and uncover an instant prize on the reelswith an 8x multiplier; or 8 Win Spins with a 4x Multiplier
        • #3
          There will be 6 spins that will play automatically – use the Auto button to change your setting preferences

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