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Welcome to the innovative 52-5 Bingo Roulette which is a fast-paced game by 888. Experience the fun of Bingo with the Roulette thrill in one game. Yes, you’ve read it right. This entertaining game combines elements of bingo and roulette. Embark on an amazing gaming experience which is playable on all devices. In terms of gameplay, visuals and graphics, Bingo Roulette streets ahead of the rest. Jump at the chance of amazing winning opportunities by spinning the wheel. In this review, you will discover how to play and be successful on Bingo Roulette.

How to play Bingo Roulette

Playing this game is plain sailing and it requires these steps. It’s easy, and needs no Bingo Roulette strategies. Follow these guidelines to get started:

  • The first step is to enter a designated bingo room to load the game.
  • Once the game is loaded, buy your tickets to start the game.
  • The minimum ticket to buy is 1 and the maximum is 96.
  • On each ticket, there are 5 numbers which are revealed after you’ve purchased your tickets.
  • Each number on the Bingo Roulette is called randomly, and they make an appearance on the Roulette Wheel.
  • On the Roulette Wheel, there are 52 numbers and each number is announced to the player using the wheel while simulating a roulette experience at the same time.
  • The calls will end up in two locations.
  • The recently called numbers may come into view on the calling board.
  • On the other hand, the arrow points at the drawn numbers that are shown on the wheel.
  • When the calling sequence is completed, the game will end, and a winning message will appear showing the relevant details such as the sum won and the winner or winners.

Features And Benefits

  • Auto Daub: On the 52-5 Bingo Roulette, the Auto Daub option is activated by default and it marks off the numbers. A chip is placed on the daubed number, so you can keep track of your wins.
  • Calling Board: The Calling Board is found on the top right hand side of the screen and it helps players check previous numbers.
  • Info Panel: To check out additional information about the game, you can look at the Info panel. It includes various details such as the jackpots and the number of players.

Winning the 52-5 Bingo Roulette

  • The game ends when a player achieves a full house. This takes place when 5 numbers are daub on a bingo ticket.
  • There can be several winners on the game and the jackpot is distributed accordingly. Either in proportion with the winning tickets or distributed equally between the players.

Mobile Experience

52-5 Bingo Roulette is playable on all devices – Mobile and tablet. Prolong the fun outdoor and play anywhere on your iOS or Android devices. The innovative graphics and visuals fit perfectly on the screen of all devices for seamless gameplay.

Tips & strategy

  • #1
    Any player who wins the 52-5 Bingo Roulette and is not present in the room during the game to check the winning message will still receive the jackpot sum. The winner can check out the “game history” page of the “my account” menu to learn more details about what happened in the game.
  • #2
    The size of the payout is determined by the price of the tickets and the number of players. This means that the more players who join the game and the higher the price tickets, the better the pay-outs.
  • #3
    52-5 Bingo Roulette is inspired by two 52-5 games such as Candy factory and Flash5. The main difference between these two games and the former lies in the graphics as well as the animation experience.

Review of the Game/Conclusion

52-5 Bingo Roulette is an exciting game that offers the thrill of roulette with the fun of bingo. The game is a mix of both Bingo and Roulette. Jump at the chance of winning some interesting prizes via your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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