5 Reasons Why You Should Play Casino Games on Your Phone

The Rise of Mobile Casinos

Online casinos have become big business. Before the dawn of the internet and smartphones land-based casinos held control over the entire industry. However, fast forward to the modern day, our lives are now busier than ever and people simply don’t have the time to go down to casinos. This has not gone without being noticed and hence we have seen the emergence of online casinos. Before the invention of smartphones players were limited to playing on their desktops or laptops, however, this was far from an inconvenience as they could still play from the comfort of their own home.

However now things have got even more convenient. If your chosen online casino supports mobiles you have the freedom to play on your smartphone. So why is the best possible option? Well you can play anywhere you want and at anytime you want. If you fancy playing roulette on your morning commute to work by train you can now do that. Also if your chosen casino supports it, you can pay by phone to the casino and some network providers will even allow you to make deposits through your contract with them.

1.   It’s the Most Popular Method

In a report released by the UK Gambling Commission in March of 2019 they stated that remote gambling (e.g. through desktop, laptops, tablets or smartphones) amounted to 37% of the entire industry. And this 37% is dominated mainly by punters who are playing on online casinos through their mobile phones. Mobile gambling in itself is also predicted to grow by a further 19% in the next 2 years. Another advantage of mobile casino games is there you’d think for the increased convenience you’d have to pay a bit more, however, it comes at absolutely no added cost whatsoever. All you require is an active internet connection.

2.   Play through the Mobile Website or the App (if they have one)

When it comes to online mobile casino games you’ll have two ways of playing them. All of them will most certainly have a mobile website that you can play through one of your browsers. Others will have gone ahead and created a dedicated app that you can download for a better experience. However, this isn’t necessary, download isn’t required for any online mobile casinos.

3.   You have Access to the Same Amount of Slots/Games

You’ll also notice that you can access all of the slots (popular mobile casino games like Aloha, Cleopatra or Fishing Frenzy slot) and table games through your smartphone that you were if you were to go onto their websites, almost all online mobile casino games developed by the industry leaders will accommodate both desktops and smartphones.

4.   Make Deposits & Withdrawals on Your Phone

When playing on a mobile casino you can also pay by phone. It’s quick and easy to deposit through your phone using all of the major accepted payment methods. Sometimes you may not even need to carry around your debit/credit card with you if you have all of the payment information saved on your phone. This means you could be on your lunch break without your wallet but you’re still able to deposit if you need to if you want to continue playing.

5.   You Still Have Access to All of the Customer Support

If you’re playing on an online mobile casino you may think that the customer service options may be more limited however this isn’t the case. Thanks to smartphones you can both email and phone customers services from your phone. Some websites will even offer a live chat option when you’re on their website. This means not only do you have the mobile casino at the tips of your fingers but you also have all the customer support you could need.

In Summary

There are many more reasons why you should be opting to play online casinos through your smartphone however we have just named the main 5 today. Each person will find their reason as to why they prefer to play casino games on their mobile. However the future does look bright indeed for mobile casinos as we see hundreds of new casinos opening each year fighting for their place in what is becoming a very crowded marketplace. However all of this activity is good for the players as each of the mobile casinos have to try and gain the upper hand on their competition by either providing better value for money to the customers, or as we’ve seen more recently, more offers both for new and existing customers.

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